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  • The Nazi Heathen AFAir: The Asatru Folk Assembly and their Southern racist foothold
    The Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) is a racist heathen organization. After establishing 3 ‘whites-only’ churches elsewhere, they are currently planning their Southern expansion.
  • White Rose Stickers and the Transnational Antivax Network Behind Them
    An international network with roots in the UK is pushing a message against life-saving pandemic health measures. Stickers from “The White Rose” group appeared around the world, from Australia to the USA to South Africa to Japan. Beyond limited reports of this guerrilla “activism” in a few local UK papers, the English-language reporting on the group remains weak.
  • Incel Punks Fuck Off: When a Far-Right Internet Subculture Comes to Town
    On 11 September 2021, attendees from around the country gathered in Atlanta for “Virginfest,” a self-described “incel music festival.” The “incel” community or “involuntary celibates” are a violently misogynistic online community that has produced numerous mass murderers, such as Elliot Rodger.

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The “Grand Ole Party” believes the South is their ideological bastion. The Southern GOP is often the worst of the party.


With the move to social media, many of our family and friends have been taken by far-right conspiracy theory, such as Q.


The police began as slave catching patrols, in large part in the South. They remain an often right-wing actor here today.


Men with guns claiming to serve the Constitution are everywhere in the South. We take a look at these actors here, too.