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  • Georgia Proud Boys Reactivate
    On Saturday, 26 June, 2022, Georgia saw something not seen in about four years: mobilization from a local Proud Boys chapter. That afternoon and evening, two different pro-abortion protests gathered in downtown Atlanta, at Liberty Plaza by the Georgia State Capitol and at the CNN center, respectively.
  • Note on the Highland Park Shooting
    While much has been made of the alleged Highland Park shooter’s attendance of Trump rallies, more alarming is his presence in online subcultures detached from reality. The shooter inhabited communities focused on conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and deep nihilism. These communities cut off their participants from consensus reality at large and serve to lower the inhibitions of their participants towards violence.
  • When Conspiracy Comes to Georgia, Again
    The conspiracy theorists are coming to town, again! From 1 July 2022 to 4 July 2022, Nations in Action, a 501(c)4 organization advocating for civic nationalist causes, is holding a conference at the Georgia Tech Convention Center, owned by the Georgia Tech Foundation and managed by Crestline Hotels & Resort. The event has been endorsed …

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The “Grand Ole Party” believes the South is their ideological bastion. The Southern GOP is often the worst of the party.


With the move to social media, many of our family and friends have been taken by far-right conspiracy theory, such as Q.


The police began as slave catching patrols, in large part in the South. They remain an often right-wing actor here today.


Men with guns claiming to serve the Constitution are everywhere in the South. We take a look at these actors here, too.